Children's Services

Percentage off services Wed- Fri
The VIP room can provide a range of services for your childrens styling needs. Whether it’s just a quick clip to a complete make over for that special occasion of a birthday or formal function.
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We offer the same servicing standards to our children clients as we do their parents. kidsIncludes shampoo and condition at our electric massage lounges and dry off at special rates Wed-Fri.
kids 2We like your children to look their best which is why we offer an affordable option Wed-Fri. We’ll look after them the same as we do our adult clients with a percentage off services depending on their age. Other days are at normal rate. The first baby haircut is free as an introduction to hair servicing. 0-5 yrs 60% off normal rate, 6-8 yrs 50% off normal rate, at this age colouring services can be introduced depending on the child’s maturity, 9-12 yrs 40% off normal rate, 13-15 yrs 30% off normal rate, 16-18 yrs 20% off. All other students 10% off.